adjudicative, tribunal

adjudicative, tribunal
tribunal m décisionnel

English-French legislative terms. 2015.

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  • tribunal — /traɪˈbjunəl / (say truy byoohnuhl) noun 1. an adjudicative body set up by the government to investigate particular matters. 2. a court of justice. 3. a place or seat of judgement. {Latin: judgement seat, from tribūnus tribune} …   Australian English dictionary

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  • workplace tribunal — /wɜkpleɪs traɪˈbjunəl/ (say werkplays truy byoohnuhl) noun an adjudicative body dealing with issues in the workplace, as to establish a fair remuneration for employees …   Australian English dictionary

  • administrative tribunal — An administrative agency having an adjudicative function. 1 Am J2d Adm L § 49 …   Ballentine's law dictionary

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